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Timelike Synchronicity: the 100 Year Prophesy, 1916 - 2016

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The pattern revealed in this book is perhaps the single most profound revelation of the last century. The idea of timelike synchronicity itself is nothing more than a mechanism to reveal a profound truth woven in secret in the tapestry of time for thousands of years. The dates and individuals have not been chosen at random, they collectively represent the message of the 100 Year Prophesy. It is their collective significance not only to the prophesy, but also to the lives and meaning of the individuals who have been tasked to deliver it in secret that proves it's significance. Pivotal events in the 20th century are microcosmically linked to the threads which embody the delivery of the truth. Once your eyes have been opened, the truth shines clearly like the brightness of the sun; yet it's message has eluded the best and the brightest for countless generations.

Even more compelling is the fact that the message reveals the method which enabled its delivery. Over nearly a 60 year period, the lives of three authors have been methodically altered in order to ensure that the synchronic pattern linking their message to the fulfillment of Revelation between 1916 and 2016 also applied to them. Without doubt, there is no explanation for the manifestation of equidistant time spans which pervades throughout the period of fulfillment other than intelligent design. So compelling, in fact, that it may pave the way not only to understanding that humanity's belief of isolation was not only wrong, but an intentional deception… one that was never meant to continue indefinitely.

Nothing is random, and the causal and methodical correlation between divine intervention and the manifestation of Revelation's fulfillment in our current generation, demands that each and every one of us take heed to the prescience of this seventy year old message, and begin not only to understand but take an active role in arduous task of ensuring that it does not come true. Reflexive control has always been a tool for beginning great change, this is the common thread between our reality, Revelation, and this prophesy.

The pages of Timelike Synchronicity, the 100 Year Prophesy have the potential to engender true understanding of not only the next few years, but the whole of eternity. Ask, as you read how and why, the answers could be your personal holy grail.

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